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Save the Milton Keynes Grid System
Streches Under Threat from downgrading, underpass loss or densification
City Centre
Grid Streches Under Threat
Grid stretches already lost or saved
Parks, green spaces, trees and unique buildings under threat

This list shows all the sections of the Grid System that are under threat from losing thier underpasses or overpasses, green reserves, national speed limits (except where this is necessary) and/or character. 

  • H1 Fullers Slade. Threat: Loss of reservation (green space) between Fullers Slade and Greenleys.
  • H3 Stantonbury Fields. Threat: Loss of reservation around V7 roundabout. Loss of underpasses around V7 roundabout. Note the H3 is an A road here.
  • H4 Crownhill. Threat: At-grade crossings.
  • H5 CMK. Threat: Loss of reservation and greenspace if proposed North Row houses get as close as planned.
  • H5 Cambell Park. Threat: Loss of reservation around Skeldon Gate roundabout. Possiblity of imposing tall buildings at this location. Note the H5 is an A road here.
  • H6 CMK. Threat: Loss of reservation between V6 and V7. Residential developements are too close here already on the new Sainsburys site.
  • H6 Cambell Park. Threat: Loss of reservation around Enmore Gate roundabout. Same as for H5 at Skeldon (except not an A road).
  • H7 Tattenhoe Park. Threat: Loss of reservation, downgrading to 30mph, conversion into a 'City Street'. Note that this strech is a potential routeway into Whaddon and Nash, something which is not currently available without taking the tedious routes either down to the H8 or through Kingsmead.
  • H7 Middleton. Threat: Risk of school and houses enroaching too close to roadway.
  • H10 Fenny Lock. Threat: Suspicion that travellers site off H10 will inflict on traffic flow, hope that it can take its access from the route of the V8 onto Fenny Lock Roundabout.
  • H10 Denbigh North. Threat: Already has at-grade crossings which are a hazard to traffic flow, not to mention pedestrians. Overbridge needed here. 40mph speed limit was needed and is accepted.
  • Princes Way Bletchley. Threat: Major downgrading. I belive a 40mph limit is acceptable, but not below this north of the leisure centre as Princes is a major artery.
  • V2 Grange Farm. Threat: Fear that extension may have at-grade crossings or too low a speed limit for a new grid road. Urge that underpasses be included in the new road.
  • V4 Fullers Slade. Threat: Fear that WEA may enroach too close to V4. Also threat of excessive signalised junctions and speed limits.
  • V4 Fullers Slade, Kiln Farm, Two Mile Ash. Threat: At grade crossings are likely all along here. In a few places this is the only option due to space constraints. However there is room for underpasses at the H4 roundabout, the High Street turning at Two Mile Ash, the H2 roundabout and Between the H2 and H1.
  • V4 Fullers Slade, Two Mile Ash. Threat: Signallised junctions where staggered ones and full-size roundabouts are viable alternatives. The lights are an unnessicarry impediment to the flow of traffic where a normal turning would be quite acceptable.
  • V4 (as Queen Eleanour Street) Galley Hill. Threat: Existing 40mph limit doesn't seem needed. I intend to write a querey about this recommending an increase to 50, with adequate sinage and improvements for Stony and Galley turnings.
  • V6 CMK. Threat: Residential development between Avebury Boulevard and the H6 is proposed to be far too close to the V6 (here called Grafton Gate). Also fear there is a risk of at grade crossings which I must re-itterate is (in most cases) totally unacceptable for a grid road.
  • V6 Granby. Threat: The importance of this short stretch as a through road and as access for the new stadium must not be underestimated. The traffic lights here are acceptable, however the 40mph limit is not needed south of them until after Granby Roundabout.
  • V7 Stantonbury. Threat: Loss of reservations, at-grade crossings, loss of existing homes and green spaces under the urban densification plan. The V7 corridor is there for several reasons and must be protected.
  • V7 Linford Wood. Threat: See H3 at this location. V7 runs major risk of a downgrading, loss of reservation and loss of underpasses.
  • V7 CMK: Threat: 30 limit is not needed. 40 is preferable. Also there is a need here for a pedestrian crossing. This would be far better as an underpass that allows a free pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows which don't get interrupted by each other.
  • V7 Eaglestone / Netherfield. Threat: Same with H8 roundabout as with H3.
  • V7 Bletchley. Threat: Loss of half of cariageway, loss of key through route and loss of green space between Railway Bridges and Brunel. Note I support bus lanes here in principal, and have huge support for expanding the rail station. It is just non-sensical however to downgrade the V7 out of the way when it can be bridged. A bridge here would boost the image of the town for people leaving the station to the East. Additionally it is planned to turn the V7 into an urban street. This is an insane plan. The road is the principal artery into the town and contrary to the partnership's beliefs one of the best introductions to a town for a newcomer is a fast, easy route of access. 
  • V8 Mount Farm. Threat: Loss of reservation for extension. This link would be useful and would take a lot of traffic off of Bond Avenue, which is unsuitable for the through traffic it currently takes.
  • V9 CMK. Threat: Serious loss of green space, serious loss of through route and very serious loss of underpasses. The Camblell Park developments are a very good plan on the most part except that they are too close to the V9 and Silbury and Avebury Boulevards. At grade crossings are proposed, which is not good for a major dual carriageway.
  • V10 Bolbeck Park. Threat: H3 southern approach has insufficiant width, and the entire strech is a bottleneck at peak hours. H3-H4 stretch is in need of dualling.
  • A5130. Threat: Total loss of important and well used arterial link road and potential transport and wildlife corridor.
  • Wolverton Road. Threat: Downgrading, speed limits and at-grade crossings at Stantonbury Park Farm and Giffard Park.


Feel free to reproduce the above and distribute it as much as you like, although please reference me as Tom Walker when doing so. Much of the above is personal opinion, although educated, thought through and shared by a large proportion of the Milton Keynes population.