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Save the Milton Keynes Grid System
Parks, green spaces, trees and unique buildings under threat
City Centre
Grid Streches Under Threat
Grid stretches already lost or saved
Parks, green spaces, trees and unique buildings under threat

This is a list of the intentionally created green spaces and wooded areas which are under threat as well as those unique buildings and urban areas which are under threat

  • Willen Lake. Threat: MKP wants willen south to be a densely built lake-fronting residential estate as opposed to the beutiful leisure area and recreation space that it currently is and was always meant to be.
  • CMK. Threat: Loss of unique building. The proposed shopping centre redevelopment is a good idea in principal but the exterior appearence of the building must be retained. This is pivotal to the character of the city. Additionally the proposed expansion brings the building too close to Midsummer Boulevard.
  • CMK. Threat: Loss of trees. The current plans to build up to all of the city centre boulevards and gates will result in thousands of mature trees being lost.
  • CMK. Threat: Loss of exceptionally beautiful stretch of planting on the CMK side of the V8/B4034.
  • The Bowl. Threat: Over-intensification of this public space if the current redevelopment plans go ahead. Note this plan is now under re-consideration.
  • Campbell Park: Threat: Loss of part of the park as some masterplans show development north of Avebury Boulevard at the Junction with Overgate. Also the proposed buildings may if extremely tall trees are not planted along them inflict on the current views from the park's viewing point.