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Save the Milton Keynes Grid System
Grid stretches already lost or saved
City Centre
Grid Streches Under Threat
Grid stretches already lost or saved
Parks, green spaces, trees and unique buildings under threat

This page details those areas of road which have either already been harmed or which have been saved from threats.

  • H6 CMK. Loss: Houses on the new One:MK site are too close to the H6.
  • H10 Denbigh North. Loss: Insufficiant provision has been made for the traffic volumes expected for the Denbigh football stadium and for the ASDA and IKEA stores. The road needs to be three-lane both ways between the V4 and the V7 (only one grid square) but retaining the central reservation. The at-grade pedestrians need to be removed with pedestrians redirected through the existing although in need of better lighting underpass. Additionally due to traffic volumes and the size of the roundabout, the H10/V7 roundabout should be bi-graded with the H10 flying over the V7 with slip roads onto the roundabout.
  • H10 Denbigh North. Saving: Buildings have not been built too close to the road and Granby Roundabout has been retained.
  • V1 Kingsmead. Saving: The V1/H6 extensions have been built to an excellent standard and are a credit to the city.
  • V1 Whitney/Oxley Park. Loss: The V1's reservation north of Whitney Roundabout has been built over - this prevents any northern extension of the grid road.
  • V4 Fenny Stratford. Loss: New buildings are too close to the road. Just because ol buildings already front it doesn't mean new ones should.
  • V6 Bradwell Common. Loss: Bus lane goes unused out side of two hours for five days of the week. It is unnessicary and causes congestion.
  • V6 CMK. Loss: The new signalised junction with Silbury Boulevard is a threat to public safety and a source of pollution. Suggest immediate return to being a roundabout.
  • V9 Pennyland. Loss: The underpass here is far too low and dark. Better lighting is needed 24/7 and the redway surface needs to be lowered.