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Yard Rule

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An inches-only foot rule which I built for myself to use.


This site is designed to oppose metrication specifically in the UK as well as around the world and to show the advantages of the imperial/US customary system from a young person's perspective.

My main areas of focus are distances and heights on roads, measurements taught in schools and weights and volumes used in shops.

A national speed limit sign. 60 MPH is the national speed limit on this road (Dansteed Way, MK).

News and Updates

15 January 2008 - General corrections made, units in transport page added.

8 October 2007 - Support for students updated for energy units, I intend to re-name that page soon so it's clear it is for anyone who wants help understanding all of the units and relationships between them.

16 September 2007 - I have now added a page clarifying the EC announcement and explaining what good it has done and what it still leaves wrong. Also, more information has been added to the support for imperial-preferring students page.

11 September 2007 - The European Commission has finally announced it will not force the UK to fully metricate, and will allow the use of the Mile, Pint and Pound ''from now till kingdom Come''. While this is fantastic news, we still await the British government to confirm that imperial measures can continue beyond 2009. Fingers crossed...

16 August 2007 - Added several pages over the last month. Additionally, the support for students page now contains a short overview of the FPS system. I intend to add a few (obviously unofficial) practice physics questions in imperial units, similar in style to the metric ones I am usually asked in lessons, to aid students who, like me, wish to exercise that little concept of free will and use the imperial system.

13 July 2007 - Site is now online.

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Teach imperial, use imperial, save imperial