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Yard Rule

What I Stand For
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What I want to see:

1. A return to giving school students a basic teaching of the imperial, alongside metric.
2. The removal of the law restricting the prominance and usage of imperial measures on food and drinks packages.
3. The alteration of GCSE and A Level school courses to facilitate students wishing to use the imperial or FPS system.
4. Complete freedom for any person to use the imperial system in whatever profession they work in, provided that appropriate measures are taken to avoid confusion.
5. The undoing of the stereotypes of imperial being old fasioned, anti-european or even xenophobic.
6. A final crack-down on metric only roadsigns nationwide, including footway signs and temporary signs.
7. An end to covert metrication (220 yard roadsigns, 19mph speed limits, etc).
8. The freedom of all private trades to trade in whichever of the two systems they choose to, exclusively if they wish to.

All of these are fair, safe and reasonable, and as an added bonus they would contribute to the saving of part of our nation's heritage.

Teach imperial, use imperial, save imperial