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Yard Rule

Don't Give Them a Centimetre
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How can imperial be saved?

There is one easy way to oppose compulsory metrication - keep using imperial. By asking for items in imperial measures you keep such measures in the shop's minds. By frequently using them in convosation you are almost certain to lead other people to make greater use of them. This sort of simple action has a suprisingly large effect and I highly encourage it.
However, for some that kind of everyday resistance isn't enough. Fortunetely, there is a great deal the more passionate resister can do. Aside from painting over road signs, which has become something of a national hobby, there are several choices of how to oppose metrication. Writing to companies has varying degrees of success depending both on the company and who reads your letter/email. So that is one way to go - write to food and drink suppliers asking for imperial comparisons on thier products (make sure they're not already there first), write to shops and if you feel inclined to you can write to MPs and government people, although I tend to avoid that sort of thing.
Beyond that you can do what I've done and start up a website. Spreading your feelings is always good - tell people why you don't want compulsory metrication. One step beyond the website is actually starting up your own campaign or organisation. I haven't gone that far yet, but the more pressure groups there are, the better. Alternatively you could always join one of the existing groups, but make sure you know what they stand for before doing so. Recent changes of mind by the EU show that the voices against UK metrication are being heard, so keep at it!

Teach imperial, use imperial, save imperial