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Yard Rule

The EC Decision
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A brief explanation as to what is and isn't still allowed

The EC decision that was announced on the 11th of September 2007 now means the UK can continue to use miles, yards, feet and inches on road signs as well as pints for the measuring of beer and milk. It also allows the weight of food to be displayed in pounds and ounces, so long as it is in addition to a metric weight. This is good, as this was going to become illegal after 2009.

However, the announcement still means that the use of imperial scales for weighing out goods is not allowed. The acre is to be phased out as a unit for land registration, and imperial units are still not being taught in schools. These omissions are unfortunate, and it is perpetually unclear as to whether the EU or UK authorities are the ones who can change it. The use of imperial units for many official purposes, such as planning, also remains illegal. In short this battle is far from over, there is still a considerable distance to go until imperial measurements have thier rightful place alongside metric in a position of equality. However it must be said that the EC announcement is a step in the right direction, and a welcome reprive.

If you know of any petitions to save imperial units, or any 'save the acre' or 'teach imperial' campaigns, please contact me and advise me on how I can support them.

Teach imperial, use imperial, save imperial