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Yard Rule

What's Happened to my 4 Pint of Milk?
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The decline of imperial measures in the shops

Here I am one day going around my local 'one stop' shop - one of the things that I'm supposed to be getting is four pints of red-top milk. Now, I was under the impression that imperial measures in the case of most things are displayed as supplimentary measures - and in the case of milk they are meant to be the standard, for the benefit of the majority of people (by the standard I mean an integer value of pints).
However when I came to the freezer at the back of the shop, the only red top milk on offer was 750ml. Although annoyed by the lack of a pint value, my brain threw the best immediate translation it could at me and turned that into one pint. I presumed that there was a lack of supplies and this bizarre plastic-topped cardboard carton was all that had been delivered recently enough - so I decided to settle for another colour. Green.
All that met me was 750ml, 1 litre and 2 litre. Looking in annoyance at every square thou of space on the bottles I failed to find any equivolent values in pints. I've never purchased a drop of milk from that shop since.
Instead all of our milk now comes from the supermarkets, which are the only shops within a reasonable distance that I can find pints in. It's one thing to have a 1 litre bottle, but it is another to not even show what that is worth in pints. The latter is just plain unfair - imperial is a widespread system, and it is the right of every person who wishes to to buy thier milk and every other item they desire in imperial measures and will remain so for many an eon to come.
I am now going to push the shop to return to offering milk by the pint, in a hope that they will see mere reason.

Can't be bothered to write to a shop? Ask for imperial values directly to the shopkeeper...

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